Our Mission, OUR VALUES

We accompany others on their journey in order to help them find their own True Direction. We  help our clients discover their own God-given identity, gifts, and purpose in life, regardless of where they find themselves on their spiritual journey. We strive for an atmosphere that is loving, non-judgmental, and as encouraging as possible. At PilgrimHeart we prize authenticity, promise confidentiality, and practice hospitality of heart.

Spiritual Direction

What Is It?

Spiritual direction is a prayerful, conversational way of looking at one's life as pilgrimage. There are twists and turns along the way, forks in the road, and decisions to be made. The spiritual director does not direct, so much as help you notice the signposts along the way, indicators of God's real and active presence with you. It is a way of finding meaning and purpose in the journey...of seeking and finding direction for that journey.

Spiritual direction is not problem centered like counseling, not skill centered like mentoring, not issue centered like coaching. While similar to these disciplines, spiritual direction centers explicitly on one's relationship with God, with the goal of awakening and strengthening that relationship. Spiritual direction's purpose is to help you discern God's presence and purpose in the midst of your struggles and questions.

Is IT Biblical?

Who is it for?

In the Bible we see this conversational way of spiritual accompaniment nurture the living truth of God from one person to another, over and over again. 

As you read the Gospels, notice how Jesus engages people in deep conversation, usually by asking questions that help the other person discover some vital truth about God and themselves. This is at the heart of Spiritual Direction. Our practice of Spiritual Direction is Christocentric.

Elisha had Elijah, Ruth had Naomi, Esther had her uncle Mordecai, and Timothy had Paul. 

Who accompanies you on your journey?

You do not have to be a religious “expert” to benefit from spiritual direction. An open heart and open mind are the only requirements. It is for anyone who has questions about their life’s purpose, direction, or calling.

It can be helpful if you find yourself in a spiritual “desert”. It can help you grow in discernment in the way you make life decisions. The Director doesn’t provide the answers, but helps you create space where you can discern those answers for yourself.

a Word for Pastors

The call to pastoral and missional work demands so much of a person. Often, having sacrificially cared for the flock, spiritual leaders find themselves drained and isolated.  Dan has walked that path as well and sees the ministry of spiritual direction as especially needed and helpful to those engaged in this type of work. He has served at both small sized and megachurches and understands the challenges pastors face across the ministry spectrum.