I normally do not disclose names of those I meet with in spiritual direction, but my friend, John McCarthy came up with this idea and suggested I put it out there to you.

What if, as a Christmas gift to a loved one, you were to underwrite the cost of their Spiritual Direction journey for a time? Here's what John had to say---

“I'm not a great gift giver, but this year I'm extremely excited as I have decided to give a loved one a gift that I know can lead to life change, not only in the short term, but for eternity. I’ll be gifting them Spiritual Direction through Dan Henry. Dan’s giftedness in Spiritual Direction has made a world of difference in my walk with God. What an honor and joy to be able to pass this impact on to my loved ones”.

If this sounds like something you'd like to do, please contact me and I'll be happy to explain what this looks like in detail, and how it could work for you or a loved one.