2018-19 Cohort Formation-

Detroit, Michigan- Our 2017-18 training Year 1 Cohort just wrapped up in May. Filled with a group of wonderful God-seekers, they are learning through this training to better fulfill their unique destinies and callings in Christ. I am humbled and gratified by the depth of intensity, openness, and humility our students bring to this training. Starting up in September, 2018 we will embark on our Year 2 Training adventure together!

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Nashville, TN- I'm currently working to launch a Year 1 Spiritual Direction Training Cohort there. Several students have already registered, but we still have room for more. If you're interested, please contact me right away so you can be a part of this formational journey too. I hope to stage an Interest Meeting there on June 30. Please contact me if you'd like to attend.  

Campbellsville, KY- This Year 1 Cohort is now forming, with students already registering. Like Nashville, we still have room. We'll launch in September. Please contact me if you're interested in this one!

Pacific Northwest- I've led training cohorts in both the Seattle and Portland areas in the past. Since then I've heard from people in Spokane, Seattle, Portland, Medford Oregon, and Redding, CA.  who have expressed interest. I'd love to pull together PNW students in one central location if possible. It still looks like Portland will be the likely location. If you would be interested in joining a Cohort in 2018-19, please contact me. As soon as I determine the interest level, I'll be working to get those started. Please email me if you are interested or have questions about any of these training opportunities.





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Spiritual Direction Training Cohorts--

Five meetings.

Ten transforming days.

One remarkable year.