Here's just a small sampling of how we are guiding and empowering our clients on their personal journey.


"I count it a privilege to have shared my life and ministry with Dan Henry over the last 10 years. It as been one SERENDIPITY after another! I count him one of my "3 o'clock in the morning" friends." (Lyman Coleman, creator of the 'Serendipity Bible', among other things)

'"As I reflect on how I have heard God's voice most clearly this year, I am grateful for the decision and investment in Spiritual Direction. Through this Direction, the Holy Spirit has guided me to wisdom that was not my own, yet fueled by the Holy Spirit.Through Spiritual Direction I have gained great freedom. Thank you, Dan Henry, for your gift of Spiritual Direction!"                    (John McCarthy)

M.B. -

"I have been meeting monthly for Spiritual Direction with Dan Henry for over two years now. It has been a tremendously helpful, meaningful, and life-giving journey. Meeting regularly with Dan and processing what was going on in our life, how God was speaking, and discerning His guidance was fundamental to our well being. Entering into working in ministry as an assistant pastor and just recently having welcomed our second child into our family, meeting with Dan has been a very fruitful and peaceful anchor of reconnecting with God and paying attention to the work of the Holy Spirit in my life." 

C.H. -

"I've been meeting with Dan fairly consistently for a few years now. Part of our time is spent searching through seemingly random life events and discovering how God is showing up and speaking a consistent message to me. Dan's keen insight and relaxed style help me to see how God is speaking to me, when I might think He is silent. And his accepting and honest demeanor allows me to ask seemingly irreverent questions, to rant and vent and be completely open about feelings and circumstances, knowing that I will never be judged. I've learned attributes of God that I never would have imagined existed, and learned to accept myself, failures, questions and all, because of my time in Spiritual Direction." 

A.P. - 

"God's word for me for this Calendar year was that I would begin to learn what it means to live in wholeness, rest, peace, and shalom. For the past two years I have been in between careers. When I met with Dan every month, we always had something new to reflect on, as we discerned what God was doing. By the end of the year it became clear that God was closing a chapter in my life that had been open for a decade, and redirecting me onto a path that I would have never have chosen before. He was leading me to himself through paths I previously perceived to be dry, while the short cuts into what I saw as the promised land were closed tightly. In my first meeting with Dan I was freed to express my honest feelings toward God in ways that I had never had permission to before. Dan was able to laugh with me as my previous perceptions about the Christian life were broken down. And we celebrated the ways that God began to re-build my understanding of him. After receiving direction from Dan, I am hooked on this manner of holding one's life before God with another. I now want to receive more from this practice called Spiritual Direction, to offer bits of this where I can, and to encourage others to explore their lives before God in this practice."